Monday Muscle Seminar M&Ms: Marco Narici

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Early biomarkers of muscle atrophy and of neuromuscular maladaptation during short-term inactivity in humans

Marco Narici

Professor at the University of Padova, Italy. 

Marco Narici (PhD) is Professor in Physiology at the University of Padova, Italy. He worked as researcher at the Rodolfo Margaria Laboratory, University of Milan, Italy, and took up the position of Assistant Professor at the Medical Research Centre of Geneva University, CH (1994-96). In 1999 he moved back to the UK as Professor in Physiology of Ageing at Manchester Metropolitan University where he was Director of the Institute of Research into Human Movement. In 2012, he was appointed as Professor in Clinical  at the University of Nottingham to work at the MRC ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing. In 2017 he moved back to Italy, to the University of Padova where he took the chair in Physiology at the School of Medicine. He has been coordinator of the EC FP5 project BETTER AGEING and leader of two WPs of FP7 Project MYOAGE, he has been part of EC Framework 7 Advisory Panels for Ageing Research (LinkAge, WhyWeAge) and was President of the European College of Sport Science (2013-15). He has published over 230 peer reviewed journal articles (H-factor 64) and book chapters. His present work and interests are focused on the mechanisms of remodeling of human neuromuscular system with exercise, inactivity (including spaceflight) and ageing. He is presently coordinating the NeuAge PRIN Project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) focusing on the Mechanisms of Neuromuscular Ageing and its Functional Implications.

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Date: 1 February 2021

Time: 00:00 - 00:00

Location: Visioconference

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Marco Narici