Cellular and molecular orchestration in muscle regeneration, during ageing and in pathologies.

The team focuses on molecular and cellular actors involved in human in skeletal muscle regeneration, during ageing and in muscle dystrophies, particularly oculo-pharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD) and Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Our approaches aim at better understandng RNA metabolism, muscle regeneration, muscle stem cells and fibrosis, in order to develop therapeutic strategies.The team has developed a solid expertise on cellular models (incuding through the MyoLine platform for immortalization taht we have set up) and on xenotransplantation using several immunodeficient mouse models and different types of grafts.

Research projects currently developed in parralel and in synergy within the team :

  • Molecular mechanisms involved in OPMD and in muscle ageing
  • Cell-to-cell communication during muscle regeneration, muscle ageing and fibrosis
  • Development of therapeutic strategies


International associated laboratory (LIA) between France and Brazil:

Another aspect specific to our team is the development of international collaborations. In addition to numerous collaborations established over many years, we have set up an international associated laboratory between INSERM and Sorbonne University on the French side, and FIOCRUZ and the Federal University of Rio-de-Janeiro for the brazilian side. This LIA aims at synergize expertises on skeletal muscle and neuromuscular diseases from the French team and on inflammation from the Brazilian team. This LIA has been renew already once, and has produced 14 common publications, a common patent, long-term exchanges of 3 post-docs, 5 common PhD and many short term exchanges, including invited professors in both countries. A common teaching project is being set up (master and/or PhD), which will focus on innovative biotherapies for skeletal muscle.

Capucine Trollet et Vincent Mouly

Capucine Trollet et Vincent Mouly


216 documents

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